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Welcome to Twin Falls' newest dog boarding and grooming facility.

Our state of the art facility is designed to be energy efficient, and acoustically dampened, assuring your pet's stay will be comfortable, not just for their physical needs, but for their mental and emotional needs as well. Our devoted and professional staff work hard to ensure every dog has plenty of attention and care, from the moment we greet you, until the moment you take your pets home. We know when you travel, the last thing you want to worry about is the care and comfort of your pets, so let us ease your mind and theirs. Book your pet's next stay today!


What do I bring for my dog?

You don't need to bring anything! We provided everything your dog could need from beds, blankets, toys, and bowls. We do not accept toys and bowls from home as they can easily get mixed into our stock during cleaning. If you'd like, you can certainly bring a bed or blanket that smells like home!


Can I see where my dog will be staying?

We are more than happy to give a walk-through during our less active hours. Tuesday through Thursday from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm are available for guided tours. Call us today to speak with a receptionist about scheduling a convenient time for your tour.


What does my dog do while they're in the kennel?

We strive to build a consistent routine for your dogs while they are with us for their mental, social, and physical health. Our playgroup list is customized every day based around size, temperament and immediate mood. Your dog will make friends (both four and two-legged) and enjoy their company. We also work on some basic obedience and manners behaviors to stimulate your dog's mind and problem solving skills. We aren't home, but we work hard to provide a safe and accommodating environment for your beloved pet.


The gate is always closed. How do I get in?

Highway 30 provides a lot of convenince, but it is still a highway. We installed the automatic gate with safety in mind in the unlikely event a dog managed to get off-lead on the way into or out of the facility. There is a callbox on the left-hand side when you pull up. Press the call button on that box to call the front desk and we'll let you in!

Saralyn Clark

I have been using Dog's Den for a year for my two Shiba Inu's. I have boarded them several times and they have been fantastic. My dogs are happy when I drop them off and happy when I pick them up. I love that I can request an exit wash so they come home all clean and smiling. They have been great with special diets and medication needs during stays. Thanks for taking such great care of my pups!

Ginger Brandt

We had an excellent experience we got the dogs bathed trimmed and they are so beautiful I recommend this place they love animals here.

Hear From Our Customers

We have 100+ online reviews!

"Trusting your loved ones in someone else's care can be stressful, thankfully Dog's Den gives pet owners the peace of mind knowing their best friend is safe, secure and well taken care of. With a convenient location, fair price, and great employees."

- Levi Smith

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 The Leash – What is it really?

The Leash – What is it really?

January 18, 20233 min read

“The leash is not something to be used to force your dog to submit or to issue harsh corrections. It can be used for correction, but we must correct properly!”

When you think about a dog being on a leash, there are several images that come to mind. Usually, the image has the dog dragging their owner down the sidewalk, straining on their flat collar or harness with their owner just trying to hang on while the dog tries to get to a squirrel or another dog. Anxiety and emotions run high as two dogs choke themselves trying to get to each other. This means your dog doesn’t know what their leash is!

dog leash

To understand how a leash works we must understand what it is not. The leash is not a way to restrain your dog from running off nor is it for harsh discipline. The leash is not something to be used to force your dog to submit or to issue harsh corrections. It can be used for correction, but we must correct properly!

So, if the leash isn’t meant for harsh correction and it’s not for restraining your dog, what is its purpose? In my last article I discussed the importance of communication and that’s exactly what the leash is for. While we’re on a leash, the leash is our way of talking to our dog and their way of talking back to us about what we encounter in the world. Our dogs can learn to be off leash, but it helps for them to learn on leash, first! Think of your young kids. Do you let them wander off in front of you when they’re first learning how to act in public? No, you hold their hand so you can guide them through things life throws at them. Eventually you let their hand go, but not at the beginning.

Dogs don’t leave their litters knowing about a leash, so we must teach them. To do that we first have to overcome our own habits of wanting the leash to be tight all the time. Relax! You’re not going to outpower your dogs in sheer strength. You’ll just hurt yourself or your dog if you try. Having the leash so tight gives you the illusion of control, but it just makes you and your dog both frustrated!

Instead, use a technique called calibration to teach our dogs about the leash. Let your dog get interested in something and walk ahead of you. As soon as the leash gets tight, do three things at the same time. Walk backwards in the opposite direction from your dog, say their name, and nudge gently, but crisply, several times until your dog turns towards you. The second your dog turns towards you, pour on the praise! Offer a treat as well if you’d like! Repeat many times every day. Practice in a controlled and contained environment. Remember, the nudges are light, and they are not drags on the leash. 

This process will teach your dog that when they feel that pressure on their collar, to turn and look at you. It’s the dog version of when a person taps you on the shoulder, you turn and look at the person. Calibration is a fantastic relationship building tool that is easy for every dog and owner to do. Have fun with it!

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